Chabad of Brookville was founded, to offer the growing Jewish population in the Brookvilles, a warm and vibrant Jewish community life.

Chabad is open to all Jews, regardless of affiliation or prior background. We believe every Jew has the right to experience the warmth of traditional Judaism in a fun, exciting, relevant, and non-judgmental atmosphere.

In the short time that Chabad has started activities in the area, it has experienced tremendous growth. Many young families that recently moved to the Brookvilles have found a place to call home at the Chabad of Brookville.


Our spiritual leader is Rabbi Mendy Heber, a dynamic and energetic young Rabbi who has an impressive past in Jewish community building in the states and in the former CIS. The Rabbi is involved with all the families on a personal level, whether in simchas – happy occasions, such as Brit, baby-namings, Bar /Bat mitzvahs or G‑d forbid a loss, the Rabbi is always available to guide, support, comfort and encourage at all stages.    

Our Hebrew School lives up to the highest standards, set by a school district that is from the best in the country. A creative, memorable and fun-filled environment with a top notch curriculum in Jewish history, Hebrew reading, holidays and Jewish customs are paramount to sharing the beauty of Judaism to our children. No more schlepping and nagging to go to Hebrew school. The children are always looking forward to come on their own. We guarantee that, and proudly extend that promise to every child that attends Hebrew school.

Chabad offers a variety of programs throughout the year including Adult education, Women's group, teen group, synagogue services, Shabbatons and more programs. Please feel free to call if you need more information regarding any of our activities.