Testimonials from other Aleph Champ schools from across North America

"Our reading program at Chabad Hebrew School this year is the best ever! Our students are extremely self - motivated with the Aleph Champ method, and are progressing with speed and perfection! No one is falling between the cracks!" 
-Hilary D.

"My son came home from Hebrew school today with an enormous smile plastered on his face, and before he was even in the door, was yelling, "I passed! I passed!" I never knew Hebrew Reading could be that exciting!" 
-Elizabeth L.

"Aleph Champ has done for us what no other teacher, game or incentive has ever been able to do – it has created an excitement, enthusiasm and URGENCY from within the students themselves to learn Hebrew. Not a day goes by without children begging to be tested and each day a number of children move up from their current level. On average, our students have each moved up about 2-3 levels – and it’s only January!! I can’t thank you enough for making this accessible to us." 
-Ann L.

"In such a short period of time my daughter has already mastered an incredible amount of the Hebrew reading process. Aleph Champ is truly unique in its ability to motivate the child from within to succeed in Hebrew reading. I wish that there would have been the Aleph Champ program when I was going to Hebrew School." 
-Suzanne F.